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As Atlanta’s leading practitioners of regenerative medicine, we take a different approach. We get to the source of illness and injury by providing more compassionate partnership and the most advanced technologies. So you get the comprehensive, holistic and personalized care that leads to healing.

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“My goal and passion is to help our patients live a healthy, active lifestyle in a relatively pain-free
manner—whether in activities of daily living, recreational activities, or high level athletes, amateur and professional. We regularly achieve this at AIM through innovative, individualized nonsurgical approaches

—Dr. Farhan Malik, MD, Atlanta Innovative Medicine

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AIM utilizes the DataBiologics platform to support our steadfast mission to deliver the most effective and least invasive evidence-based patient care, while ensuring consistent, successful patient outcomes.

The DataBiologics platform and registry allows AIM to study the safety and efficacy of the highly selected regenerative medicine treatments we provide.

Ready to live the life you’ve imagined? These people are.

Hear how Aloma went “from hopeless to healed” with regenerative cell therapy from the right team.

AIM stem cell therapy helped Dean avoid surgery and feel pain free in just 26 days

Discover what your pain might mean.
Let’s help you get to the source.

Sports Medicine Doctors, Therapy, & Treatment in Atlanta

Have you recently suffered a sports-related injury? Are you facing the prospect of undergoing invasive surgery? Concerned that you will have to endure months of physical therapy only to experience minimal improvement to your condition?

If this sounds familiar, then you may be a prime candidate for Atlanta Innovative Medicine’s (AIM) sports injury treatment in Atlanta, GA. Our experienced doctors provide a variety of non-invasive sports injury treatments, including non-surgical orthopedic careplatelet-rich plasma treatments, and stem cell therapy.

Our team of non-surgical sports medicine doctors provide every patient with a personalized treatment plan. They will take the time to learn the root cause of your pain and other symptoms so that they can treat it at its source. By practicing “Medicine Reimagined”, we have helped thousands of patients recover from sports-related injuries so that they can get back to enjoying activities they love.

Typically sports medicine clinics will rely on physical therapy, oral medications and potentially invasive surgery.

To schedule your free consultation, call our clinic now at 770.416.9995.

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