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AIM Welcomes Theressa Thomas, NP

Quiz: could alternative treatments help my joint or spine damage?

For painful joint conditions like osteoarthritis, the most common cause of disability in U.S. adults, many people medicate and pursue surgical interventions even when the results fail to deliver the desired outcomes. Medications may temporarily help reduce inflammation and pain, but it’s temporary. What’s more, the toxic nature of many drugs can prove damaging and counterproductive to long term health. Surgery poses risks that include dangerous side effects that might outweigh the potential benefit.

What else can you do? Regenerative and functional medicine offers new alternatives to the side effects of drugs and the risks of surgery. Take this quiz and the team at Atlanta Innovative Medicine will reach out to you with a free consultation.

Could a certain regenerative therapy be right for your condition?
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The AIM Difference IconRegenerative Medicine.

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapies with comprehensive, safe third-party verification and an integrated multipronged approach for maximum outcomes
  • Nonsurgical Integrative Orthopedics for complete healing with a multidisciplinary team and innovative treatments in a 5-Star rated program
  • More powerful PRP that’s customized, amplified and personalized

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