Thank you!

“I would like to thank you for your continued support and treatment of my injuries. In the beginning of March I was involved in a car accident where I was rear ended . As a cause of this accident I sustained a mild concussion and injuries to my neck and back. This accident cause me pain when I would perform daily activities, sit for any period of time at work, and when I would try to sleep. I spoke with a fellow coworker and he recommended your office because of the great service he received. My first day there felt very daunting because I was never in an auto accident and was completely clueless on what I should even do. I was met by a warm and welcoming staff who are a pleasure to be around. Everyone at your office is happy to explain and answer any of my many questions. I work at a medical and massage school and know when therapists know what they are doing or do not. Thankfully at your location everyone is very knowledge and know how to work and treat clients. Before my accident I was a very active 30 year old that would go camping, hiking, bike riding, climbing, rafting, swimming, and a bunch of other outdoor activities. I am currently allowing my body to heal and taking it easy. However I feel that I would be able to do such activities if the weather would cooperate. I am getting better one day at a time and am happy to say that a majority of my pain is gone. I still have my days where I experience pain that was not there before the accident. When I experience that pain, I make sure to inform the doctors and staff. They are very vigilant and making sure to focus on that area in order to correct the issues. I look forward to my continued care at your office and would like to once again thank everyone for their professionalism, support, wonderful personality, and making each visit to your office a fun one! We often have times where we will share personal stories and joke around. It is fun to get some laughs in while receiving treatment for the pain.”

Travis E.