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Are you experiencing thinning or loss of hair and seeking dramatic improvements without the need for traditional hair replacement methods? PRP hair restoration could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. This innovative approach utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to encourage new hair growth, offering a promising alternative to conventional treatments with remarkable outcomes.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine stands out not just as a health clinic, but as a dedicated team of professional health specialists focused on alleviating disease, dysfunction, and pain that hinder people from fully enjoying their lives. Our commitment to providing top-tier care is evident in our nearly 500 Google reviews, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.9 out of 5. This reflects the high level of satisfaction among our patients and the exceptional results we achieve, particularly in the area of PRP hair treatments.

What Is PRP?

prp hair treatment atlanta, image of a technician holding a full vial above a centrifuge machine. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is the key to our PRP facial rejuvenation therapy. Platelets are one of four components of blood. The others are white blood cells, red blood cells, and plasma.

As noted above, PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma. Platelets are one of the essential components of your blood. The others are plasma, white blood cells, and red blood cells.

The phrase “platelet-rich plasma” indicates that the concentration of platelets is about five times that of regular blood. Why does this matter, you ask? Platelets secrete specific growth factors that are shown to assist in tissue regrowth and wound healing, which includes the tissue responsible for growing hair.

PRP has proven to treat hair loss effectively, but don’t just take our word for it. According to Medical News Today, several studies demonstrate that PRP is an excellent option for overcoming androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women.

What to Expect When Coming into Treatment

prp hair treatment atlanta, image of a man wearing glasses receiving PRP hair restoration treatment on the top right side of his head, administered by a female physician. Coming in for your PRP hair restoration appointment can be a little unnerving, especially if you are not a regular patient at medical facilities. Rest assured that you have nothing to be concerned about as our expert care team will provide you with an excellent experience from the moment you walk in the door.

When you arrive, we will need to conduct a blood draw for the therapy. To ensure a successful procedure, it is essential that you eat a good meal before your appointment. Having food in your stomach will help reduce the chances of feeling lightheaded or nauseous from the blood draw.

After our nurse has finished the blood draw, one of our team members will place it in a vial and then into our centrifuge. This device will rapidly spin the blood to separate its various components, including plasma and platelets.

A centrifuge is the best method for extracting concentrated PRP. These growth factors will facilitate a better “body response,” meaning they will generate new blood vessels and repair old ones. The blood vessels will feed hair follicles and will promote cell proliferation. All of these natural processes will increase the density of your hair.

After we run the blood vial through the centrifuge, our medical specialists will retrieve the PRP. They will then inject the PRP into your scalp using tiny needles. The injections are subdermal, meaning that they are placed just below your skin. In total, your first appointment should take just under one hour.

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What Are Growth Factors?

prp hair treatment atlanta, image of a close-up hair follicle diagram.

At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, we offer PRP for hair restoration. Simply put, growth factors are powerful signals for your hair follicles. They will stimulate the dermal papilla cells, which are essential for hair growth. The growth factors in PRP will also work to repair your damaged blood vessels. The goal of PRP hair restoration is to improve the blood supply to your hair follicles. By doing so, our team can give your body the tools it needs to increase the thickness of the hair shaft. Strengthening and thickening the existing follicles will reduce shedding as well.

Our Treatment Protocol

At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Our experts understand that every patient is different, which is why we provide each client with a customized treatment plan.

When you meet with us for a consultation, a medical specialist will plan out your treatment protocol. Typically, patients will require one treatment per month for 3-5 months. We recommend following this up with a maintenance PRP hair restoration appointment once every six months.

As noted above, our team uses tiny subdermal needles to administer your PRP. Don’t worry though as we make every effort to keep our patients comfortable during the treatment. For example, we use a topical analgesic and ice to numb the area before administering the injections.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP for Hair Restoration?

prp hair treatment atlanta, image of a young man examining the left side of his head in the mirror. At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, we want to match clients with the best treatments for their needs. During our consultation, we will determine if you are a good candidate for PRP hair loss treatment. A good candidate is someone who:

  • Wants dramatic results without hair replacement
  • Suffers from alopecia areata or alopecia totalis
  • Suffers from male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)
  • Suffers hair loss due to medications
  • Is experiencing thinning hair or patches of baldness

In short, our PRP hair restoration treatments, are great for just about anyone experiencing hair loss. However, it is not ideal for individuals who are already experiencing complete baldness because they do not have enough hair follicles to restore with PRP therapy.

If you’d like our professional answer if you are a good candidate for PRP hair loss treatment, contact our knowledgeable team today to schedule an appointment at 770.416.9995

Results of PRP Hair Restoration

Our PRP hair restoration treatment is quickly becoming one of our most popular procedures, and for a good reason. Patients have the potential to experience actual results fast. However, the benefits of PRP therapy will continue to pay dividends long after you finish your final round of treatment.

On average, most patients see noticeable hair growth within two months of beginning treatment. After patients reach the five-month mark, they tend to achieve peak hair growth. The vast majority of patients will continue to see hair growth through the first full year.

PRP does not only promote new growth. Our treatment will also stimulate dormant follicles to be active again. During the course of your treatment cycle, we will pinpoint the injections to target areas that are responding slower than others.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine wants clients throughout Georgia to have access to PRP hair loss restoration therapy. However, insurance companies do not currently cover PRP therapy. That is why we offer convenient financing options, such as Care Credit, so you can get the results you need while spreading out the cost into affordable monthly payments.

Who Administers PRP Hair Restoration Treatments?

prp hair treatment atlanta, image of a man receiving a PRP injection in his upper forehead, at his hairline. At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, our PRP hair loss treatments are administered by licensed nurse practitioners. All of our staff have extensive experience with PRP treatment protocols.

Our staff also engages in continued education and training to provide patients with the highest level of care possible. During our training, we place a heavy focus on non-invasive procedures. We want to provide an effective but comfortable experience for our clients.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine’s commitment to only hiring top-tier staff and providing ongoing training has helped us earn a great reputation in the treatment community. We are known for our extensive knowledge of PRP, joint, and soft-tissue non-invasive treatment options. When you partner with AIM, rest assured that you are getting the highest quality of care possible.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine: Your Partner for PRP Hair Restoration

Are you ready to experience the benefits of PRP hair restoration? Are you looking for an experienced team of PRP health professionals? Do you want a custom treatment plan for hair loss?

If so, contact the experts at Atlanta Innovative Medicine. Based, our staff has helped hundreds of patients with PRP therapy, and we can help you too. If you are ready to learn more, simply schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced medical professionals.

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