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“My goal and passion is to help our patients live a healthy, active lifestyle in a relatively pain-free manner—whether in activities of daily living, recreational activities, or high level athletes, amateur and professional. We regularly achieve this at AIM through innovative, individualized nonsurgical approaches.”
—Dr. Farhan Malik, MD, Atlanta Innovative Medicine

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Stem Cell Therapy, Pain Management & Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care in Atlanta, GA

Our multidisciplinary Atlanta stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine center provides pain management and treatment for different ailments. Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a sports injury or suffering from arthritis, our team of specialists can create a customized treatment plan for you. When you become a patient at our center, you’ll have access to a 

wealth of medical professionals who will coordinate your care. Find out more about stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, pain management, and orthopedics at Atlanta Innovative Medicine. 

Stem Cell Therapy

When you were younger, it seemed like you could bounce back from injuries without much effort. Now though, injuries tend to last longer, be more severe and may even become chronic. Resources point to this as a normal part of the aging process, and that’s true. When you age, your body can no longer send the same number of stem cells to repair injuries which can lead to painful and chronic conditions.

While it’s a normal part of the aging process, there are alternatives to expensive surgeries, dependence on medication or living in pain. Atlanta Innovative Medicine of Atlanta, Georgia provides stem cell treatment procedures for patients who experience a variety of pain and ailments. Our doctors harvest stem cells and exosomes in different forms of this therapy. Then, the providers inject the stem cells into the target area and let them get to work.

Stem cells have the power to transform into specialized cells and can turn into what your body needs at the time. For instance, the cells can develop into tendon or cartilage cells to heal a soft tissue injury.

After scheduling an appointment and meeting with our stem cell doctor, the next step could be to set up a procedure time. Unlike surgery where significant planning and downtime needs to be factored in, a standard regenerative medicine treatment is usually completed in less than an hour. It’s an outpatient procedure, and you are free to leave our Atlanta, GA, stem cell clinic when it’s finished.

Many patients experience a speedy recovery as well as noticeable changes after completing stem cell treatment. Some patients can notice a significant change even within 21 days after the procedure. While results will vary with each patient and the degree of pain or injury they have, our team of stem cell specialists at Atlanta Innovative Medicine will ensure routine follow up appointments address progress and understanding each patient’s recovery experience since the treatment. 

If you want to improve your quality of life, stem cell therapy at our Atlanta, GA, regenerative medicine clinic could be the right choice for you.

To schedule a consultation with a stem cell doctor at our facility today by calling 770.416.9995


Pain Management

It can be difficult, or feel nearly impossible, to enjoy life when dealing with acute or chronic pain. Even the simplest of tasks can cause a painful flare up, forcing you to limit activities in your daily life. You may have missed work, social engagements, and the enjoyment that comes with being active. If you’re looking for an alternative to surgery or reliance on medication, we invite you to consider our advanced stem cell treatment options. 

Our Atlanta pain management clinic uses stem cell therapy to help alleviate symptoms of acute and chronic pain. The process is quite simple and involves our doctor injecting stem cells directly into the damaged tissue. The stem cells will get to work immediately and aid in reducing painful inflammation. These cells can also target and work to repair damaged tissue that is the underlying cause of the pain. Pinpointing the underlying issue of pain and not “masking the symptom” is critical for your long-term wellbeing.   

Stem cell therapy is used to alleviate symptoms caused by numerous painful conditions. Most commonly, people visit an Atlanta pain management clinic for:

  • Knee Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Wrist Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Torn Rotator Cuff
  • Bursitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Connective Tissue Injury 

A stem cell therapy procedure involves injecting the cells into the area of pain or injury. Due to this rapid deployment, many patients notice an improvement over the course of several weeks, while others might not see a substantial effect for up to a year. With that said, improvement of pain relief and motion can last for years. Should you feel new areas or recurring pain in the old location, our doctors in their routine checkups may suggest another round of stem cell treatment to aid in repair or relief of the pain.

You can’t live life to its fullest when you’re suffering with a nagging or debilitating pain. You may have tried other pain management options that can only mask the symptoms and the pain always tends to return. Stem cell therapy could help in the relief of chronic pain and the return of your regular daily activities. 

To see if you are an ideal candidate for treatment, contact our clinic in Atlanta, GA and schedule an appointment by calling 770.416.9995.


Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic doctors are trained surgeons who generally recommend the surgical approach when treating patients. Depending on the severity of pain and also the preference of each patient, alternatives to surgery are now available. It’s even speculated that over half of current sports injuries could be treated without surgery. It’s also well-known in the industry that of the patients who do get surgery, many often suffer from complications that make them feel the procedure was not worth it. 

Atlanta Innovative Medicine takes a non-surgical approach to orthopedic care. Our sports medicine clinic in Atlanta, GA, provides a full range of treatment options for those who need to recover from an injury that was incurred through playing sports or other physical activities. This includes physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, homeopathic injections and more. Non-surgical orthopedics also includes regenerative medicine, such as stem cell injections. 

When you visit our Atlanta sports medicine clinic, you will undergo an evaluation and a multi-provider assessment will take place after your visit. All new patient cases are reviewed during our weekly multidisciplinary physician team meetings. This helps to ensure treatment recommendations are most appropriate and personalized to each patient’s needs.

Your plan might include medical doctors, physiotherapists, prolotherapists, nutritionists, chiropractors, and more. The team will work together with you to achieve the treatment goals.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine provides transparent treatment. What this means is our specialists will explain your treatment plan along with the evidence that supports it from their evaluation data. You will also have access to your diagnostic images. The transparency, combined with compassionate, patient-focused care, makes Atlanta Innovative Medicine stand out. 

We understand you want to recover from your orthopedic injury as soon as possible. Maybe you want to get back out on the field, enjoy consistent exercise or simply return to work without pain. Undergoing surgery can be expensive, stressful and require a significant downtime in your schedule. Instead, it may be that you are a good candidate for non-surgical orthopedic treatment. 
To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced sports medicine doctors, call 770.416.9995 today.


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