The $1500 Annual Scholarship Award Opportunity from Atlanta Innovative Medicine

Atlanta Innovative Medicine Annual Scholarship Opportunity

We Have Selected Our 2021 Scholarship Award Winner – Congratulations Marisa C. Walsh of Massachusetts!
12/31/2022 Deadline – Now Accepting New Student Applicants for the 2022 Scholarship Award

Atlanta Innovative Medicine is thrilled to announce a new annual scholarship with the objective of supporting students and their academic achievements. Commencing in late 2020, we have initiated a national scholarship award opportunity in the amount of $1500 with a deadline of December 31, 2022. This award will be granted to one exceptional student who meets the qualification requirements for the scholarship opportunity. This annual scholarship award is a way to show our commitment and investment into the emerging academic community, by aiding and inspiring a talented student on their road to educational success. If you are a college bound or a currently-enrolled student, and take an interest in the emerging field of regenerative medicine, we invite you to consider applying for this scholarship opportunity!

The Objectives of Our Scholarship

Our first objective for this annual scholarship award is to assist a motivated and aspiring student to achieve their academic potential. The second objective is to bring awareness to the health sector and specifically, regenerative medicine. Our scholarship opportunity enables us to contribute to the advancing academic community and inspire young talent who are the future of the ever-progressing field of regenerative medicine. By investing into this annual scholarship opportunity, we hope to encourage students to realize the value and impact their educational achievements can have in the advancement of medicine and health technology.

Scholarship Qualifications & Requirements

– All applicants must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States.

– All applicants must provide documentation of a GPA (grade point average) of 2.5 or higher.

– All applicants must either show proof of enrollment at an accredited college, university or accredited community college, or show acceptance documentation at an accredited college, university or accredited community college.

– All applicants must write a 100% unique essay with a minimum of 1200 words and submit it for review by the deadline of December 31, 2022.

– All applicants must meet the scholarship requirements, regulations and follow the submission guidelines.

Applying for the Atlanta Innovative Medicine Scholarship

– To be eligible for the Atlanta Innovative Medicine annual scholarship award, a student must first review the qualifications and requirements section above and confirm that they meet or exceed all these parameters.

– Students that meet or exceed the qualifications and requirements will then be required to write a 100% unique essay that has a word count of at least 1200 words. The essay must be sent as an attachment, along with enrollment/acceptance verification, by the deadline of 5:00pm PST on December 31, 2022. Verification of enrollment will be checked and confirmed prior to announcing the scholarship award.

– Grammar, spelling, word count and originality will all be factored into the scholarship award consideration. We encourage students to proofread their work carefully prior to sending as only one submission will be reviewed. Additional messages for updates, questions or status of review will not be responded to. This page will be updated after the winner is selected and contacted directly by our staff.

Essay Topic

In order to be eligible for the scholarship award, applicants must write a 100% unique essay with a word count of at least 1200 words on this topic:

How could regenerative medicine change the way we look at standard pain management procedures in the next 5 years?

Essay Requirements

– Only essays sent as a document attachment along with enrollment verification/acceptance documentation will be accepted.

– Attached essay, enrollment verification/acceptation documentation and student information should be sent in one email to:

– The email subject line should say: Atlanta Innovative Medicine Scholarship Application

Along with the attached essay, submission emails must include:

  1. Student’s full birth name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Verifiable document showing proof of a 2.5 or higher GPA (grade point average)
  4. One of the options below:
    • Documentation proof of current enrollment at an accredited community college, accredited college or university.
    • Documentation proof of acceptance at an accredited community college, accredited college or university.

Essay Regulations

– The essay must be written only by the student applicant and is stringently required to be 100% unique content. Plagiarism of any length or kind will permanently disqualify the applicant from current and future scholarship award opportunities.

– All essay submissions that are sent after the deadline of 5:00pm PST on 12/31/2022 will not be reviewed or considered for the current or future scholarship opportunities.

– Applicants that fail to meet all aspects of the eligibility qualifications or essay requirements will be rejected.

– If at any time Atlanta Innovative Medicine or a school board counselor discover that the winner of the scholarship award broke or didn’t meet a particular qualification/requirement/eligibility, the scholarship may be rescinded.

Scholarship Award Determination & Acknowledgement

– Essay determination for the Atlanta Innovative Medicine scholarship award will be based on each of the following:

  1. Confirmation of length achieving a minimum of 1200 words
  2. Verification that it is comprised of 100% unique content
  3. Application of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  4. Topic continuity
  5. Utilization of broad and expressive vocabulary
  6. Originality

– The Atlanta Innovative Medicine scholarship award winner will be announced no later than 1/15/2023. The winner will be contacted directly by a staff member of Atlanta Innovative Medicine to confirm their scholarship acceptance.

– Atlanta Innovative Medicine will then contact the awarded student’s community college, college or university’s financial aid office to notify them of the inbound scholarship check on behalf of the student. The check will then be sent to the school financial aid office no later than 30 days after the announcement date of the scholarship award winner.

– Each student who wins the annual Atlanta Innovative Medicine scholarship award will have their name, city and state displayed on this page and/or other pages of the website to showcase their achievement. Atlanta Innovative Medicine may also, at its sole discretion, promote each scholarship winner on its social media profiles and via news releases.

Annual Scholarship Winner Recognition

The 2021 AIM Scholarship Winner: Congratulations Marisa C. Walsh of Massachusetts!

Annual Scholarship Winner Recognition 

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