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Regenerative medicine treatments like stem cell therapy and PRP are growing in popularity. These treatments can help patients with chronic pain and conditions for which other options have not been effective. 

Atlanta Innovative Medicine (AIM) offers regenerative medicine in Savannah, Georgia. We can help you take control of the medical conditions that affect your life by harnessing your body’s natural healing process. 

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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair injuries and deal with chronic conditions.  When you get injured or when you are ill, your body undergoes an innate response to heal and defend itself against bacteria and viruses.  Regenerative medicine encourages this response in areas where there has been tissue damage or inflammation. It thus speeds up tissue repair, offering the chance for natural healing without the side effects that conventional medicine can cause.  Some conditions that can be targeted with regenerative medicine include:
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Spine pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Hair loss
  • Arthritis
At our regenerative medicine clinic near Savannah, Georgia, we offer some of the most effective regenerative treatment options, including stem cell therapy and PRP, specifically for our orthopedic patients suffering from joint and other types of pain. 

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine treatments are minimally invasive procedures that do not require a long recovery process. For people who cannot undergo general anesthesia, these treatments can be a way of finding relief from pain. 

Our regenerative medicine doctors in Savannah use your own blood or stem cells, not man-made medications that can have side effects or cause complications. We always perform a full medical assessment at our regenerative medicine treatment center to ensure that you will likely benefit from these treatments.

Regenerative medicine also offers faster results than many conventional treatments. Some people can start seeing these results in as little as two weeks. 

Those who have slow-healing injuries are likely to benefit from regenerative medicine. Some injuries heal slowly because they do not get enough oxygen or blood. Regenerative medicine treatments can increase blood flow in the injured area and support healing. 

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Stem Cell Therapy in Savannah, GA

Stem cell therapy encourages the repair response of dysfunctional, injured, or diseased tissues using stem cells. 

What are stem cells? They are cells from which other specialized cells grow. At our stem cell clinic in Savannah, GA, we can guide new stem cells into becoming the specific cells that will work to repair injuries. 

Stem cell therapy can reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Stem cells can signal other cells to target certain injuries, helping them heal more quickly. 

Our Savannah stem cell treatment center offers adipose and bone marrow stem cell treatments. 

Adipose tissue is particularly rich in stem cells, and the age of the patient does not affect their viability or effectiveness. Bone marrow stem cells are also effective, but they can decrease in number and potency with age.

Benefits of Savannah Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive option that does not require major preparation or a long recovery. Surgery can be risky because of the need to use anesthesia and the potential for infection. Less invasive procedures like stem cell therapy are important alternatives for people who do not want to go under general anesthesia. 

Because stem cells come from your body, you also don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or rejections from your immune system. 

Stem cells are versatile. We can use them to treat sports injuries to ligaments, joints and they can be just as effective in treating spinal disc problems with radiating nerve pain. 

By turning to stem cell therapy in Savannah, you don’t have to stress about medications that can have unpleasant side effects and sometimes dependence; instead, you can rely on your natural healing mechanisms for relief. 

How Stem Cell Treatment in Savannah, GA, Works

Our Savannah stem cell therapy specialists begin by performing a full evaluation and health assessment to determine the right treatment options for your particular needs. 

If we believe that you can benefit from stem cell therapy, we will begin by getting stem cells from your bone marrow or adipose tissue. For most people, this requires a small liposuction procedure on the abdomen. We then extract the stem cells either from your adipose or bone marrow.  

As we inject the stem cells into the targeted location, we will use guided imaging for optimal precision. 

Once we finish the procedure, you can go home. Many people start seeing positive results between two and four weeks after their treatments. We can determine if additional treatment sessions may be necessary when you come for your follow-up consultation. 

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PRP Therapy in Savannah, GA

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are another treatment option we offer at Atlanta Innovative Medicine. PRP is a substance that promotes healing.  Your blood has four main components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Plasma contains proteins that help your blood clot and support cell growth. By isolating plasma with a high concentration of platelets from the rest of your blood, we can stimulate your body to grow healthier cells in the region and speed up healing.  At our PRP therapy clinic in Savannah, Georgia, we offer this treatment for many conditions, such as:
  • Chronic tendon problems
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Ligament sprains
  • Meniscus tears
  • Cartilage damage
  • Chronic knee pain 
  • Back pain
  • Erectile dysfunction
To provide PRP treatment, we must first extract a small amount of your blood and run it through a centrifuge to separate the various components. We will then take the PRP and inject the solution into the treatment area. When you visit us for PRP injections in Savannah, GA, we can provide super-concentrated PRP. This form of platelet-rich plasma helps maximize the treatment’s healing and pain relief powers.  PRP therapy can also help combat hair loss. We inject the solution to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. These injections can lengthen your hair’s growth so that hair loss slows down or even stops. 

Benefits of PRP Treatment in Savannah, GA

PRP can be the right option for many people who want to avoid invasive procedures. This treatment is minimally invasive and requires no downtime and almost no preparation. 

Since PRP uses your own blood, you don’t have to worry about your body rejecting the treatment or having an allergic reaction to the process. 

We have seen PRP therapy offer lasting relief, unlike some of the more conventional options. For many people, it can also allow them to regain flexibility, increasing their range of motion. 

Because PRP reduces inflammation in the treatment areas, it can allow for better blood access to the problem area. More blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen, helping to promote further healing. 

For sports injuries, PRP can be a crucial treatment option. It can reduce the recovery time for ligament tears and other tissue injuries, allowing athletes to get moving again much more rapidly than with conventional treatments. 

We can also combine PRP with other regenerative treatments, like stem cell therapy. This multifaceted approach allows us to tackle more complex cases of arthritis without relying on invasive procedures. 

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Turn to Experts in Regenerative Medicine in Savannah, GA

At AIM, we understand how difficult it can be to live with chronic pain or to have injuries that just do not heal the way they should. We are a leading treatment center for regenerative medicine, offering PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, and much more.  If you want to avoid invasive procedures that can cause complications, consider turning to our regenerative medicine specialists. Our goal is to treat the whole person and accurately identify the root cause of your pain or discomfort–and not just focus on masking the symptoms of the problem.  To see why we’re different, call  770.416.9995 now to schedule your free consultation.

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