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If you’re suffering from knee pain, you’re not alone. People are increasingly active and the number of knee problems they are experiencing is increasing as well. If your knee pain is making it difficult for you to walk, sit, stand or do your daily activities it’s time to seek treatment.


Many times knee pain is caused by osteoarthritis. This debilitating and painful form of arthritis arises when the cartilage and bones in joints begin to degenerate and cause swelling that can significantly limit mobility and dramatically change a person’s lifestyle.


Atlanta Innovative Medicine takes a unique approach to knee pain using a treatment known as Supartz. Supartz is a joint fluid therapy that helps relieve osteoarthritis symptoms without the use of synthetic components. This treatment has a low allergic reaction rate and contains a high concentration of naturally occurring synovial fluid.

Healing without surgery

If you have knee pain, nonsurgical interventions can provide great relief and improve function.

Keep in mind that it is important to undergo a supervised nonsurgical treatment program of sufficient dose and length to promote proper healing.

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