P-Shot™ Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Atlanta, Georgia

According to the Urology Care Foundation, over 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction (ED). Although the risk of developing ED increases with age, it is not considered part of the normal aging process and it can disrupt your overall health as well as your relationships.

A treatment option that more men with ED are turning to is Priapus shots, or P-Shots™. These injections use your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to promote tissue growth and allow you to get and maintain erections.

At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, we offer P-Shot™ treatment for erectile dysfunction to help you regain your sexual health.


What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

p shot atlanta, image of a scientist holding a full vial above a centrifuge machine To offer this ED treatment, P-Shot™ doctors turn to PRP, which is a form of regenerative medicine. We prepare platelet-rich plasma from your own blood, spinning it in a device called a centrifuge, which separates blood from plasma.

The platelets that make up PRP promote wound healing, releasing growth factors that stimulate the number of reparative cells your body produces. For erectile dysfunction, PRP in our P-Shot™ treatment center improves the health of the tissues and blood vessels in the penis.

What Is a P-Shot™ Injection?

p shot atlanta, image of a happy middle aged couple wearing white robes and embracing. A P-Shot™ injection is a PRP shot for erectile dysfunction. The platelet-rich plasma in a P-Shot™ is a special type of plasma that is pre-activated, allowing the injection’s solution to penetrate and remain within the erectile spaces that carry blood throughout the penis.

When injected into the penis, the PRP activates stem cells and the natural process of cellular repair. By also helping form new blood vessels, P-Shots™ increase the blood flow to the penis, helping with erections. Some of the results you can see with this treatment option are:

      • Stronger erections
      • More reliable erections
      • More frequent erections
      • Improved circulation to the penis
      • Increased penile length and girth
      • Increased sexual sensation

The perfect candidates for a Priapus shot treatment are men who are looking to improve their sexual health and performance while using a natural treatment that is safe and effective.

Men who have Peyronie’s disease can also be excellent candidates. Peyronie’s disease is a disorder affecting the skin of the penis. Specifically, extra scar-like tissue (commonly called “plaque”) underneath the skin of the penis. This fibrous tissue then causes painful, curved erections. P-shot™ treatment can help alleviate the curvature problem.

P-Shots™ are also a good choice for men who cannot take oral medications, who have a prostate cancer diagnosis, and who have diabetes.

If you have a bleeding disorder, we may recommend alternative treatments.

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Benefits Priapus Shot Treatment

p shot atlanta, image of a couple sitting and happily looking at each other A P-Shot™ injection is a non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime. Since we make the shot out of your own blood, it is a medication-free option, as well. For men who have other health conditions and cannot take certain medications for ED, a P-Shot™ can be the solution.

P-Shot™ is a treatment that can last more than a year for the average man and can actually help heal tissue damage in the penis, which other ED treatments cannot do. For men who feel pain or discomfort when they get an erection, a P-Shot™ can help resolve that issue.

Preparing for a P-Shot™

The first step is to turn to Priapus shot doctors for a consultation. We will assess your overall health as well as the erectile dysfunction concerns you struggle with to ensure the P-Shot™ injections are the right option. Together we will decide on the best treatment plan.

We recommend you do not take NSAIDs for at least a week before the procedure. NSAIDs decrease the regenerative ability of PRP, so you should also avoid taking them for at least two weeks after the procedure.

You may also want to shave or trim the area to provide greater visibility.

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The P-Shot™ Procedure

p shot atlanta, image of an elderly male patient consulting a male doctor Before your procedure, we recommend having a snack or small meal because we will have to draw blood to prepare the PRP. The procedure is an outpatient one, so you can expect to get back to your daily life right after treatment.

At our P-Shot™ treatment clinic, we will apply a topical anesthetic to the genital area and then take a blood sample from your arm. Using a centrifuge, we will separate your blood’s components and isolate the PRP. We will then inject PRP into the penile shaft.

We will give you a penile pump to help draw blood into the penis and ensure the PRP gets to work. The entire procedure can take up to an hour.

P-Shot™ Recovery and Aftercare

Recovering from a PRP penis shot in is quick and you can resume most of your regular activities almost immediately. We recommend avoiding sexual intercourse for four hours and refraining from strenuous physical activity that might cause chafing or sweating in the treatment area. 

Using a penile pump twice a day is part of the recovery process. We will show you how to do this effectively. 

There are various factors that can affect the results of a Priapus shot. Your overall health is one of them. Some men see immediate changes to their erections while others require subsequent treatments. Men who have experienced years of ED likely will need a few sessions before seeing positive results. 

The effect of Priapus injections can last up to 18 months. After the first few treatments, you might also notice you can go longer between needing injections

Get P-Shot™ Injections for Erectile Dysfunction Relief

p shot atlanta, image of a couple enjoying red wine together in a restaurant setting Erectile dysfunction can have a serious negative effect on your quality of life. There are many treatments for ED out there, but if you want a drug-free and long-lasting, natural option, and no downtime, P-Shot™ injections can provide the help you need.

When you turn to P-Shot™ doctors like us at Atlanta Innovative Medicine in you can expect personalized, holistic, and complete care. By using the most advanced diagnostic techniques and the latest treatment options, we can provide solutions to the health concerns you face. Learn why AIM offers the clinically proven P-Shot™ treatment over several other ineffective PRP approaches for ED.

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