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Your journey to healing: what to expect when you come here

How you feel matters. We understand that living in pain is not what you want, and that you’re open to exploring ways of healing without surgery. Our first priority is to listen to you—always centering care on you in our search to identify the root cause of your condition, and then build from there in creating a treatment plan. Here’s a brief look at how we do that.

Initial visit
Upon visiting us and sharing these forms, our care coordinator spends an hour with you, listening to your story and learning about your medical history. You’re then seen by different members of our team—from a medical doctor or physician’s assistant to a chiropractor, physical therapist or nutritionist. Each of these compassionate experts assesses your health. Appropriate diagnostic tools are recommended, such as imaging, blood or stool evaluations, genetic testing or functional nutritional assessments.

Next step
Responsiveness is crucial when you’re in pain, so your next visit is scheduled as soon as possible—typically the next day—to provide a care plan. Before you arrive, our staff meets to review your case, using a collaborative approach to pinpoint a diagnosis. Because more minds are better than one, our experts come to consensus on a recommended treatment path.

Medical financing
From there, we discuss the costs of treatment and financing options. We accept most health insurance plans. For diagnostics, treatments and therapies that are not covered by insurance, we can offer choices for financing care.

We always want to ensure you feel heard and understood. Please ask us any questions and express any concerns about your experience with our team.

Our FAQs can be accessed here.

Dean’s leg pain stopped him from walking, lifting weights or playing golf. The Sandy Springs man found an alternative to surgery at AIM that “changed his life” and helped him heal. Hear why he recommends it and how he’s fully back in the game.

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Regenerative Medicine.

  • Advanced hybrid therapies, including Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy combined with different mechanisms of action that synergistically come together to support ultimate healing
  • More powerful PRP that’s customized, amplified and personalized
  • Therapies delivered by an experienced, compassionate team comprised of multidisciplinary experts in traditional and alternative medicine working as your team: Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors
  • Advanced training through the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine, the American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine, and more
Image of "A Closer Look at Regenerative Medicine" book cover.

A Closer Look at
Regenerative Medicine: Comparing Your Options.
By Farhan Malik, MD

Discover what your pain might mean. Let’s help you get to the source.

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