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The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body and the elbow is heavily-used. For those reasons persistent pain, stiffness or swelling in the shoulder or elbow joint is something that affects many people. If you find it especially hard to move your shoulder or elbow it is not normal and is a reliable sign that something is wrong. 


Overuse can happen to anyone. In fact, most people will experience pain in their shoulder or elbow at some point during their lives. Problems with shoulder and elbow pain can occur due to poor movement patterns, weakness, limited range of motion, old injuries, or a combination of these factors.


One of the most common treatments for shoulder and elbow pain is cortisone or pills; however, there are a variety of other treatments that may be available to you, including regenerative injection therapy. This type of therapy helps promote growth and formation of new tissues in and around the shoulder or elbow joint area where the tissue may have become weakened due to stress, accidents, or aging.

Part of regenerative injection therapy is nontoxic ortho-biological medicine, which increases the blood supply and nutrients to the area, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. For most of our patients at Atlanta Innovative Medicine, this treatment is covered by their health insurance provider.

Healing without surgery

Our team of medical professionals understands that pain can greatly hinder your life. Even if your shoulder or elbow pain is mild, we encourage you to see us right away. If caught early, shoulder and elbow problems can be managed and healing can happen without surgery.

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