Regenerative Medicine For Ortho Care Critically Capturing The Data

Regenerative Medicine for Ortho Care Critically Capturing the Data

Regenerative Medicine for Ortho Care Critically Capturing the Data

By Farhan Malik, MD
Atlanta Innovative Medicine 

Regenerative Medicine for Ortho Care: Critically Capturing the Data

The ability to capture and analyze data is essential to offering reliable treatments to patients. At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, we rely on DataBiologics to help us support our goals of delivering science-based solutions to the health concerns facing our patients. Learn more about what we offer and how DataBiologics helps us provide our quality treatments.

How Regenerative Medicine Impacts Ortho Care at Atlanta Innovative Medicine

A woman with short gray hair kneeling on a path, smiling while tying her running shoe. At our clinic, we offer stem cell therapies for people suffering from joint and soft tissue pain. 

Most of the cells in your body have specified functions, but stem cells are different and do not have a fixed function yet. This means they can become any type of cell the body needs. There are two sources of stem cells: adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. 

At our clinic, we use adult stem cells. These are autologous, meaning that they come from your own body. When you undergo regenerative medicine procedures that utilize your own stem cells, you don’t have to worry about immune rejections because you aren’t introducing someone else’s stem cells. For this and other reasons, at our clinic, we don’t offer Wharton’s jelly, biologics, or any other type of stem cell therapy made from fetal tissues. 

Stem cells are found inside different types of tissues, including:

  • Bone marrow
  • Brain
  • Blood and blood vessel
  • Fat
  • Liver
  • Skin
  • Skeletal muscle

These cells can keep dividing indefinitely, healing wounds and even repairing organs, but they are not always easy to find.

Our Approach to Stem Cell Therapy with Adipose Tissue & Bone Marrow

A close-up illustration of yellow adipose cells. Stem cell therapies can help with tissue regeneration, making them an ideal option for joint pain.

As stated, we do not use stem cells derived from fetal tissue. Rather, we apply autologous adipose (fat) and bone marrow stem cell therapy.

The adipose procedure requires liposuction performed on the buttocks or abdomen. Adipose tissue can have between 30 million and 60 million stem cells, making it one of the most plentiful areas to find stem cells. 

We’ve found that adipose tissue and bone marrow stem cell therapy procedures offer superior rejuvenation treatment. This is especially true for older patients. No matter how old the patient is, our specialists can always find stem cells when we retrieve them from adipose tissue or bone marrow. 

Apart from the number of stem cells in adipose tissue and bone marrow, each also contains over 50 types of growth factors. The activity level of adipose stem cells may, in some cases, be higher than what you would find in bone marrow.

Adipose tissue and bone marrow-derived stem cells can be effective in treating many degenerative conditions of the spine, knees, joints, hips, and shoulders. 

If you are suffering from one or more of these conditions, contact our stem cell specialists now at 770.416.9995.

The Atlanta Innovative Medicine Philosophy

A woman smiling during a consultation with a medical professional. AIM takes an innovative team approach to medicine. We offer personalized regenerative treatments, providing the latest techniques with the data to support our recommended procedures. 

We see the body as a whole, made up of many interconnected systems that depend on one another. Therefore, we strive to offer the best, holistic options as opposed to singular options, such as prescription medication, which can have negative systemic effects.

By turning to regenerative medicine, we can focus on treating the root cause of the pain. We apply a patient-centered approach to treating health conditions instead of relying on a disease-focused approach that doesn’t address more than isolated symptoms. 

We also focus on integrating treatments to be able to provide a whole-body approach to healing. Your body is an intuitive system, and we approach it as such at our clinic. 

To help you, we rely on our top diagnostic tools and procedures. We use sono and fluoro guided imaging technology to get the most accurate view of the joint that we are treating. In all instances, science and data, in addition to our vast clinical experience, informs how we help our patients. 

AIM_EBook_Mockup, image of book cover, A closer look at regenerative medicine.

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AIM and DataBiologics

Two medical professionals discussing information on a tablet. We work closely with DataBiologics and their unique data-capture platform that allows us to gather data so that we can make better treatment decisions for each of our patients. 

Below are some of the regenerative medicine procedures we encourage our patients to participate in the DataBiologics procurement of vital outcomes data:

  • Stem Cell Therapy (adipose/marrow)
  • PRP 
  • Prolozone 
  • Prolotherapy 

DataBiologics is more than a data registry. It also helps to gather patient-reported outcomes by sending reminders to patients to provide follow-up outcome data. 

This information allows us to analyze how effective our regenerative medicine treatments are and to personalize treatment options that can offer the results you need. 

It also allows us to provide patients with data about the effectiveness of our treatments so they can be at ease with each procedure we offer.

The Landscape of Regenerative Medicine

A scientist examining a test tube with a glowing DNA strand overlay. Regenerative medicine is an innovative field that expands and changes every day. There are thousands of active clinical trials investigating regenerative medicine for the treatment of cancers, neurological issues, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and even heart disease. 

But as with any type of medical progress, there are unscrupulous actors who use the field for monetary benefit while deceiving patients by providing untested and unproven treatments. While stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine are constantly evolving, bad actors continue to spread outlandish claims that stem cells are the magic cure for everything from Alzheimer’s to cancer. 

One recent article found that 96% of the online marketing that stem cell therapy centers provide contained at least one false claim. Such claims are misleading, not to mention illegal, and they do nothing but hurt this specialty field of medicine.

These concerns make it a challenge for scientists to provide evidence of treatment safety and efficacy while not completely stifling research and innovation. Still, governments worldwide continue to invest in this important area of research.

By partnering with DataBiologics and capturing critical patient outcomes data, we can safely and most effectively give our patients the help they need at our clinic.

Turning to Regenerative Medicine

A group of people exercising outdoors with dumbbells, smiling and enjoying the activity. Regenerative medicine is at the forefront of medical advancement. It is a recognized branch of medicine that has the potential of being able to help with numerous diseases. 

At Atlanta Innovative Medicine in Atlanta, GA, we use a variety of tools to offer relief for injuries and pain. We work to find the root cause of your unique health condition and treat the entire body instead of just symptoms. 

With data-backed regenerative medicine treatments, we can help patients with many conditions in a safe, effective and personalized manner. 

To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call 770.416.9995 today.


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