Ozone Drip IV Therapy in Atlanta, GA

In the realm of healthcare, particularly for those grappling with chronic conditions, the conventional standard of care sometimes falls short of providing the necessary relief. This is where integrative health and wellness therapies come into play, offering a more holistic approach to patient care.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine (AIM) embraces a broad spectrum of therapeutic options to ensure the most comprehensive care for our patients. This includes melding traditional medical practices with alternative treatments, such as ozone IV therapy. Our goal is to alleviate symptoms and empower our patients to feel their best through a variety of therapeutic avenues.

Ozone therapy, renowned for its infection-preventing and illness-treating capabilities, has a storied history. At our ozone therapy bar, Georgia, we offer this distinctive treatment as part of our commitment to natural and effective health restoration methods. This approach underscores our dedication to providing patients with innovative solutions that support their journey towards optimal health.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

ozone therapy atlanta, image of a happy man sitting in a reclined doctor’s office chair about to receive IV treatment looks at the female nurse. Ozone is a natural gas first discovered in the mid-19th century. It’s a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3) instead of two, like the oxygen (O2) we breathe. However, the extra atom makes ozone unstable. The third oxygen atom wants to break off and combine with other molecules to stabilize in a process known as oxidation.

In the stratosphere, ozone protects organisms from ultraviolet rays. In the higher levels of the atmosphere, ozone combines with pollutants and removes them, cleansing the air.

The cleansing properties of ozone have been used to disinfect drinking water, save soldiers in WWI from infections, and treat early patients with the symptoms of HIV.

Over time, scientists have learned that ozone has biological properties, including antimicrobial and a modulatory effect, which can stimulate the immune system’s response. So while ozone has been used to disinfect medical supplies for decades, its emergence as a treatment for medical conditions began to take hold in the 1980’s.

How Does Ozone IV Therapy Work?

ozone therapy atlanta, image of a middle aged blonde woman, wearing a white robe, sits in a white cushioned chair and is about to receive IV treatment from a female nurse. For over 100 years, healthcare providers worldwide have used ozone to ease pain and heal wounds. While physicians can administer ozone therapy in several ways, the most common methods are site-specific injections, rectal insufflation, and major autohemotherapy (MAH).

AIM offers major autohemotherapy as an effective and wide-ranging treatment option for conditions such as immune and breathing disorders. Ozone IV drip therapy and MAH are terms that are interchangeably used when discussing this administration method of ozone therapy.

For an ozone IV therapy treatment, a practitioner draws the patient’s blood and then dissolves ozone gas into the blood. The patient then receives the treated blood intravenously.

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What Properties Make Ozone Therapy, Effective?

ozone therapy atlanta, image of a woman wearing a white robe, sitting in a reclining chair, extends her left arm out on the arm rest with an IV inserted in her arm. Ozone has several unique properties that make the gas an effective treatment for several diseases and viruses.

1. Antimicrobial Properties

Since ozone is a reactive form of oxygen, it oxidizes when it is infused into the body, trying to become stable by stealing atoms from other molecules. Ozone targets harmful and foreign substances in the body since they’re weaker and already under attack by your immune system.

Ozone can potentially inactivate or stop the growth of the following contaminants and toxins, and microbes:

  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Viruses
  • Yeast
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa

2. Oxygen Metabolism Properties

According to a 2018 study, when ozone combines with bodily fluid, such as blood, the reaction forms more red blood cells and proteins, increasing the body’s oxygen supply.

As a result, the patients in the study experienced a reduced viral load. Furthermore, with fewer active viruses in their bodies, patients experienced better health — lasting over two years.

Ozone therapy can increase the red blood cell reaction rate. It can also increase the oxygen released into the tissues. Increased oxygen helps the body fight infections and stimulates the regeneration of bones, skin, and muscles.

3. Immune Balancing Properties

A healthy immune system is the body’s best way of fighting disease and restoring health. MAH, GA, can activate and balance the immune system, allowing your body to react more efficiently and effectively to outside invaders.

More productive than boosting the immune system alone, balancing the system helps the body regulate its immune response and identify and target potential health threats. A balanced immune system also means it will not overreact in its response, which occurs in patients with autoimmune disorders.

What Conditions Can Ozone IV Therapy, Treat?

ozone therapy atlanta, image of an older man standing at the gym with a towel around his neck, holding a water bottle with right hand. Atlanta ozone IV therapy can boost a sluggish immune system, restore energy, and help your body to produce antioxidants. Unlike medications, which force a body’s system to activate or deactivate, ozone IV drip treatments work to rebalance the body’s systems, promoting proper self-regulation.

These attributes make Atlanta IV ozone therapy an effective treatment for several severe conditions.

1. Autoimmune Disorders

MAH offers proven benefits for patients with autoimmune disorders. Ozone gas helps stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. As a result, the treatment could alleviate pain, lift the weight of chronic fatigue, and enhance the immune system’s ability to attack infections and destroy cells that may cause harm to the body.

As the ozone removes unwanted cells, the inflammatory effects of autoimmune diseases can subside, and patients find relief from their bodies’ overactive responses.

2. Breathing Conditions

Since an ozone IV therapy drip  can increase the oxygen levels in the blood, the treatment can reduce the stress placed on the lungs, which typically perform this task.

A 2014 study examining the benefits of ozone therapy on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) found the treatment improved patients’ ability to exercise and their overall quality of life.

While IV ozone therapy is a promising option to treat certain conditions, it’s worth noting that ozone should never be inhaled, as the gas can irritate or damage the lungs and airways.

3. Diabetes

Patients with diabetes may seek MAH treatment to reduce the risk of complications from the condition that arises from oxidative stress. By activating the body’s immune response and promoting antioxidant systems, ozone therapy can reduce inflammation and strain on the body.

In addition, the wound-healing properties of ozone IV drip therapy can treat diabetic foot ulcers, helping to close the wound and reduce infection. Difficulties with wound healing are common complications of diabetes.

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What Does Atlanta Ozone IV Therapy Cost?

ozone therapy atlanta, image of a woman with short brown hair, sitting in a reclining doctor’s office chair, wearing a white robe, looking at her phone receiving IV treatment. The cost of ozone IV therapy is relatively inexpensive. At our ozone IV therapy clinic, the cost of treatment compares favorably with traditional medical procedures.

Since our practice works with each patient to create a custom, integrative treatment plan, your ozone therapy treatments may serve as part of your overall wellness package.

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Discover the Benefits of Ozone IV Therapy Near You

ozone therapy atlanta, image of a happy female patient consulting a happy female nurse receptionist at the office front desk. If you’ve searched for “ozone IV therapy near me”, your search ends at Atlanta Innovative Medicine. Our practice prioritizes your health by offering innovative treatments to keep your body functioning at its best.

When traditional medicine fails patients, they often feel they have no options. At AIM, we create customized treatment plans that combine traditional, alternative, and regenerative medicine to ensure patients receive the care necessary to restore their health.

Our unique structure and staff allow us to collaborate fully on our mission to empower your wellness journey.

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