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Aloma’s back pain kept her lying in bed, longing for the chance to be fully there for her kids. With help from Dr. Siciliano and the AIM team, this mom from Cumming, Georgia, is no longer bedridden—and back to living a normal, full life. Hear how.

When Bill’s shoulder and elbow pain completely interrupted his active lifestyle, he wanted a way to heal his torn labrum without surgery. The Chamblee, Georgia, man found guidance and stem cell treatment with Dr. Siciliano. Now he’s freely lifting weights with a smile again. Hear his story.

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“I recommend you try this practice if you feel you may need a “system of care” with chiropractic care.” Continue Reading

“The staff there are very friendly and caring.” Continue Reading

“I don’t know what I’d do without their care.” Continue Reading

“I can honestly say that each time I left the office, I felt better and better. EVERYONE is very professional!” Continue Reading

“I am so happy that I choose to be a part of the experience.” Continue Reading

“The staff will patiently guide you through the steps to an improved quality of life!” Continue Reading

“Each time I walk out of the Sandy Springs office, I feel that my whole body is becoming stronger and healthier.” Continue Reading

“All are friendly, encouraging and effective! I felt better that first day.” Continue Reading

“This is a great team and I appreciate everybody’s attitude and support.” Continue Reading

“I feel so much better and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone in need of great quality care!'” Continue Reading

“Great staff, great help.” Continue Reading

“Back to Normal” Continue Reading

Dean’s leg pain stopped him from walking, lifting weights or playing golf. The Sandy Springs man found an alternative to surgery at AIM that “changed his life” and helped him heal. Hear why he recommends stem cell therapy and how he’s fully back in the game.

As a film and TV stuntman, Brandon Shaw needed full use of his body for parts in blockbuster movies. When he tore his labrum, the performer turned to AIM to get back into action. Hear why he appreciated the team, the customized treatments, and how using his shoulder to do flips again is “the best feeling in the world.”


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