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“I have had lower back pain and numbness in my leg for several years. I have been to a chiropractor several times for several years without much relief. I took aspirin to help with some of the pain but didn’t want to continue on this regimen. I love to walk and exercise but was unable to continue because of my lower back pain and numbness in my leg. After a few minuets of walking my lower back would get tight and I would start to experience pain in my lower back. Getting out of bed in the mornings were also a struggle. I decided to make an appointment with Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) to see if they would be able to get me back to my old self. After the initial consultation with Ashley I decided to continue with their therapy and recommendations. I faithfully went to every scheduled appointment and continued to get better. After 3 months they have really helped me to get back to walking and exercising with out the previous pain I was having. This team in Sandy Springs has been wonderful. I did follow all the recommendations of exercising. Will and Arsenio, the physical therapist, are really good at what they do, always concerned about any pain or discomfort. Trust me, if you go and follow their instructions you will feel much better and continue to improve.”

Mary Lynn Brooks

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