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“When I first came to Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare), I was having lower and upper back pain. Doing what I do, and working out as much as I do, I figured I need to get this taken care of. For a few years, standing, sitting, and even laying down in bed, caused me lower back pain on various occasions. After visiting Atlanta Innovative Medicine the first time, I felt immediate spine relief. After my x-ray, I found out that my spine has been misaligned for a number of years. Working with the flexible and nice staff in the office, they were able to work directly on the problem, thus giving me the ability to continue lifting and working out, to a point where I can push myself harder in the gym and at work. I am proud to have met and tried Atlanta Innovative Medicine and am proud to be a patient of the good doctors and staff at the office.”

John H.

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