Atlanta Innovative Medicine will be my first choice!

“I learned about Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) from the Newsletter, which comes in the mail every other week. I read it over and over and decided for myself: if I ever have a problem with my low back again, as I had before, they will be my first choice. Decisive factor was their philosophy: “To consider the whole patient and not just their symptoms. So, when I got pretty bad knee pain, I called them to set up an appointment. Jordan, who answered the phone, was so nice and welcoming, that I felt in the right place right away. Finally I was diagnosed with early stage of arthritis in both knees and was assure that this problem could be cured completely, which gave me hope not to follow my family history of arthritis suffering. Following treatment was absolutely painless & enjoyable, thanks to magic hands of Dr. Van Millin, his assistant Julie Abrahamson & especially Dr. Mark Daniel-after his adjustments I had feelings that I can fly, especially after long day at the office. All Physiotherapists are gentle and knowledgeable, they could answer all my questions about therapy and following treatment. I will recommend this facility to all my friends and family and know for sure that it will be my only choice if I ever have any problem with my joints or back.”

Galina G.