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“For once, my tendency to procrastinate paid off. I was told by expert orthopedic and neuro-surgeons that the only “cure” for my degenerative disc disease would be surgery, with the goal of relieving my debilitating lower back pain. Knowing the risks and the poor success rate of spinal surgery, I kept putting this off……and Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare), thankfully, came to my attention. From the first visit with Ashley, I knew I was in good hands. Here is a team approach to treating the ‘total patient’, all in one facility. What a novel concept…..instead of sending me from one specialist to another, I can receive Chiropractic adjustments, natural, anti-inflammatory injections, advice, counseling, and physio-therapy all in one visit, from a team who knows me and works together on my behalf. Having always been a firm believer in ‘mainstream’ medicine, this was a big transition for me; now I only wish I had found AIM years ago. My lower back pain no longer determines my quality of life! We now are working on my arthritic right hip, and I am thrilled to report my pain there is significantly diminished. I would like to personally thank Dr. Millin for his professional knowledge and good humor; Dr. Don, for his enthusiastic and caring approach to my progress, and the wonderful physiotherapists Will and Arsenio, whom I always look forward to seeing. Each time I walk out of the Sandy Springs office, I feel that my whole body is becoming stronger and healthier. Special thanks to office manager Christie, who never fails to accommodate my scheduling needs and questions with efficiency and professionalism. This is a great delivery system for quality medical care…..AND, they handle Blue Cross/Blue Shield for me, making my visits truly hassle-free! Keep up the good work, all of you!”

Debbie Hartzell

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