From my first visit the staff was friendly and professional.

“I had several months of very bad pain in my heel. I could barely walk more than a block or so, the pain was so bad. I was going to go to a foot doctor when a friend recommended Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total Healthcare) in Sandy Springs, so I made an appointment. From my first visit the staff was friendly and professional. I had a thorough exam with both the doctor and the chiropractor and X-rays which showed I had plantar fasciitis. A personalized treatment plan was explained to me that included injections to the area of pain, physio-therapy and chiropractic adjustment. I was a little skeptical, but started. I am glad I did. Within two visits my pain was almost gone, and by the end of my treatment schedule I was able to not only walk on that foot with comfort, I was able to hike in the mountains. While I won’t say the injections were painless, Dr. Millin has such a good touch and technique that I soon stopped worrying about them and got used to them. Dr. Nia was great in adjusting my foot, leg and back, all of which were out of alignment from my trying to baby my bad foot and walking crooked. And I can’t say enough about Jackie and Will, and Donn, my physio-therapists. I even got an ultrasound machine to use at home to relieve the pain. I highly recommend Atlanta Innovative Medicine to anyone with pain.”

Carlos E.