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“I found Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) through my insurance network. It was convenient because it was close to my job. I was running to a store about 3 days before I went there and fell and twisted my knee because the floor was uneven. I thought I could tough it out but my knee was getting worse and worse. I was told about a natural treatment at the office that did not involve any cortisone and that would help me heal. Besides the upbeat attitude of all the office staff, this treatment started working right away. I could tell my knee was getting better immediately. My treatment was only 4 weeks and by the time it was over, I forgot I twisted my knee. I was able to go back to my daily workout routine after the first week. I fully recovered from my incident and it has been 4 months already and I have no reoccurring pain from the incident. I am very pleased and happy that I chose Atlanta Innovative Medicine as my health care facility for my knee pain, I have only good feedback for the service that I received from the office.”

Carla H.

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