I can dance again!!!!

“Today, I completed my 22nd treatment at Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) in Norcross. I have 4 more visits to complete my therapy. I am walking straighter than I have walked in years!!!!!!!! My arthritis pain is literally disappearing!!!! I was told by doctors I have osteoarthritis and the only way to find relief was to get a both knees replaced. That thought frightened me. When I found out about Atlanta Innovative Medicine, I immediately felt hopeful because I found out their anti-inflammatory treatments are not loaded with steroids. I am treated by chiropractors and by my favorite physiotherapist Andres. His energy really motivates me to work hard and I really feel comfortable and cared for. Andres is incredibly amiable and I can genuinely feel that his good energy is also contributing to my improved condition. I have been to many other specialists and until now, I am able to say that I have found real relief. Atlanta Innovative Medicine gives an incredibly complete service that has given me so much relief. I can now dance once again at our family gatherings :o) I have already recommended Atlanta Innovative Medicine to friends from church and my husband, amazed by my improvement, is also recommending it to his clients. I recommend Atlanta Innovative Medicine to everyone who is in constant pain, as I was. I just wish I could have come here sooner!!! Thank you!!!”

Maria Cruz