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“To all the wonderful staff and Doctors at Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare), Tonight I walked out of your clinic feeling confident and very grateful that I can now resume my active lifestyle and enjoy all the sports and outdoor activities that have been a vital part of my life for as long as I can remember – without pain, weakness or discomfort. I had been in a lot of burning and radiating pain for several years from my lower back and waist down my right leg to my ankle and, in my mind, I was convinced that I was in need of a hip replacement because that is where my strength and stability gave out. Stubborn and not ready to give into that alternative, I continued to compete in tennis and tried to maintain my running, but it was both frustrating and painful. I really didn’t want to see a Dr. who was going to recommend surgery so I totally avoided that option. The pain intensified, interrupting my sleep and my daily work. As I was going through my mail one day, I glanced at a newsletter and the headline caught my attention. The article explained that all the pain I was experiencing may be due to the SI joint and not my hip. I called for a free consultation and everyone at Atlanta Innovative Medicine was very optimistic that I could be relieved of pain without surgery and return to my normal active lifestyle. Honestly, I was skeptical, but willing to try any alternative. I began my routine of adjustments, physical therapy and injections. Everyone was so positive and encouraging – this is just a fun, happy place to be – and finally I began to feel we were breaking through my years of neglect. The hot burning pain and the sleepless nights were diminishing. I found that I was more focused and productive during the day as well. At the end of my treatment, it was recommended that I continue treatment for an additional few weeks because I was just on the verge of a breakthrough. And the advice and reassurance was exactly right. The hot burning is gone. I have an increased range of motion and flexibility which will help maintain my physical health and allow me to resume an active lifestyle. Additionally, I have been educated in what to expect and how to respond to my body signals and will continue a maintenance program with Atlanta Innovative Medicine when necessary. Your skill and knowledge has made a huge impact on my recovery, but also my outlook. Special thanks to Dr. Nia, Julie, Laura, Donn and Kristi for your dedication, encouragement, professionalism and never giving up!”

Lynn B.

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