I can once again pursue my passion!!

“After several days of limping around with a strain left leg from refereeing a Lacrosse game, I decided to seek medical attention. As a Referee it is very important that my legs are in the best shape and condition possible. I knew the injury was serious and I would need the best care in order to continue doing the one thing I truly enjoy. I knew I had to seek the experts since I had previously went to my primary care physician and only to be given a speech on stretching and no real therapy to resolve the injury. After looking at other patients testimonials I decided to give Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) a try. It is truly a decision I’m glad to say I made. Upon my first visit I was greeted with a very professional and friendly staff. I was so impressed that I also agreed to have them look at my right ankle that had been giving me trouble for over a year. They set up a schedule for my appointments that were easy for me to meet and that worked around my job. For almost 2 months I was greeted with friendly service from the front desk, Doctors and therapist. The treatments were priceless and brought a reassurance from a painful situation. As I concluded my therapy, I can say I walked out of Atlanta Innovative Medicine a physically sound person with no signs of a knee injury and ankle that hasn’t felt this good in over a year. Thanks to everyone at Atlanta Innovative Medicine that has enable me to once again pursue my passion!!”

Granada H.