I can’t thank them enough for giving me my active life back.

“In August 2013 I decided to make an appointment with Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total Healthcare) after a recommendation by a close friend. I had been battling right knee discomfort that was progressively getting worse for several months. It was becoming difficult to keep up with my regular exercise regimen as well as doing simple tasks such as squatting,walking and climbing stairs. It wasn’t until my initial visit that I was made aware of not only issues with both knees but an un-diagnosed problem with my back as well. The staff was extremely helpful in making me understand my diagnosis and how therapy would help today and in the future. I began therapy three times a week for ten weeks and it consisted of injections, chiropractic adjustment, exercise, and electrical nerve stimulation of the areas. The pain and inflammation I had been experiencing started to subside after only a few visits and now two weeks after my final appointment I’m almost completely pain free. The kindness and caring I received from each and every person at Atlanta Innovative Medicine made my experience extremely pleasant. I can’t thank them enough for giving me my active life back.”

Tenica P.