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““Don’t live your life in pain” One day, after suffering for 15 years in chronic pain from osteoarthritis causing pain in the joints of my hips, back, legs, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows, hands and other places I didn’t even know I had joints, these words “you don’t have to live in pain” glared out at me from a small newspaper I received in the mail. I also had excruciating pain in my muscles and ligaments all over my body from fibromyalgia. I could not even move to do anything without severe pain. I tried everything from Acupuncture to Zoloft and had found no relief, from any drug, therapy or procedure (including prescribed narcotic opioids), I latched on to this tiny glimmer of hope thinking, “I’ll just try this one more thing”. I called the number in the newspaper for Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) in Norcross (770-416-9995), where they do non-operative joint and spine care. They do a complete assessment addressing all your issues, then the team of doctors, physical therapists, and physician assistants meet to review x-rays, discuss your issues and come up with a recommended plan of treatment, which you and your family take part in. I have worked in the health care profession for 45 years and have never seen such a comprehensive, holistic approach to individualized patient care. Treatment was started at the first visit and by the time I left I had a schedule of treatment appointments, which the administrative staff had arranged for me, of the days and times to return. I left there feeling so confident in this professional, friendly and extremely supportive group of individuals. They gave me my hope back. During the course of treatment, each professional knew what I was there for each visit and all focused on that area and then, after seeing the desired results, moved on to the next targeted area of concern. I started to notice that I could get out of a chair without assistance as well as walk without limping. The treatments they were using, as well as prescribed exercises, were helping the different parts of my body get stronger so that they began to be able to help support the weaker areas. I noticed that little by little a good deal of my pain was decreasing. In two weeks, I am finishing up my plan of treatment and am able to start doing so many things that I never thought would never be possible for me to accomplish. I am so glad I didn’t throw away my “bucket list”! Don’t just live your life in pain. Call Atlanta Innovative Medicine in Norcross 770-416-9995, and you may want to hang onto your bucket list, OR start a new one :}.”

Mary M.

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