I highly recommend the doctors

“I was getting horrible headaches with nausea and vomiting and the growing number and intensity scared me. After being on prescription and OTC medicines for sinus allergies and ear infections for 5 months with no improvement, I started getting acupuncture which decreased the headache days by 25% but did not bring down the intensity. Then I read a flyer in the mail from Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) relating headaches with neck pain. That made sense to me since every time I’d get stressed at work, I’d say my neck hurt. Whenever my neck hurt, my head hurt. So I made an appointment since I had nothing to lose and only positivity to gain. I’ve been going 3 times a week for 6 weeks now, and my headache days have decreased by half, from my own count. I still get horrible headaches, but without the vomiting from feeling so sick, which is the worst part for me. I highly recommend the doctors here because they seem sincerely caring and are really nice, humorous people. The staff is all-around nice. It’s ironic to have to go through pain to get rid of it, but I’m glad I got help here.”

Yen L.