I know I can always turn back to Atlanta Innovative Medicine.

“Oh, wow! Where do I start? The primary reason I came into Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) was pain in my right arm radiating from my shoulder to my wrist. I, being a sedentary worker, thought it was signs of Carpal Tunnel so decided to be checked out. While completing the new patient forms, I completed it for the reason I was there, but, of course, one of the questions on the questionnaire was “Are there any other health issues?” I thought twice before putting my answer to this question and finally put Yes…migraines. When I met with the staff at Atlanta Innovative Medicine they all stated that the issue I was having with pain in my right arm could be the cause of the migraines. Deja Vu. I’ve heard that a million times. My migraines started back in 2006 after the birth of my daughter and I’ve been to numerous doctors who have all stated “…this could be the cause of your migraines.” I had given up hope of every finding out why I went through the pain of migraines. Honestly, to this day, I have still given up hope. Well, since I’ve started getting treatment at Atlanta Innovative Medicine in January, not only has my right arm pain subsided, but also my headaches are not as frequent. But please believe me when I say this was not an overnight thing. My headaches had gotten worse in frequency and no one knew why. The only thing that could be thought of was the treatment that I was getting was causing my body to basically “retaliate” against the treatment causing the pain more often. I thought over and over about not going back for treatment because the pain was unbearable, but I’ve made it. I think as long as I keep up with my at home exercises, I will be okay. And if not, I know I can always turn back to Atlanta Innovative Medicine.”

Jessica W.