I would like to thank every one of you for changing my life!

“I would like to thank every one of you for changing my life! I am not being overly dramatic here, because my life had begun to revolve around constant pain, medications, visits to doctors, physical therapies… and still more pain. I was fortunate enough to retire from a career in education at age 54, but found myself unable to pursue many of my favorite activities. A car accident in November of 2006 left me with herniated discs in my lower back, which have only become exacerbated with age and activity. The best relief was achieved by using transdermal Fentanyl patches, which released a strong pain-killer into my system – but at a nonsustainable risk to liver, kidneys, etc. After my last round of epidural injections in July of 2013, without relief, my orthopedic specialist referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. I appeared to be a good candidate for spinal surgery, which I truly wanted to avoid, but no other options were presented. I took my MRI to one of the top neurosurgeons at Northside Hospital, hoping for a different opinion; again, I was told that surgery was my only remaining option to relieve what was becoming disabling back pain. Additionally, increased pain shooting down my right leg was traced to worn out cartilage in my hip joint. It seems the aggressive, expensive physical therapy which my doctor prescribed over the summer for my back problem exacerbated a hip problem which I never knew existed. Now the sudden, excruciating pain emanating from the right hip was preventing me from sleeping – and led me to yet another surgeon. He informed me that a hip replacement was “definitely” in my future. Now I was anticipating two major surgeries! Not sure I had exhausted every alternative, I called Atlanta Innovative Healthcare (formerly Total HealthCare). I had seen your newsletters before, and disregarded them because the procedures seemed to fall outside of what I understood of “mainstream” medicine. I’d never visited a Chiropractor. In my mission to relieve my chronic back pain, I had visited an acupuncturist, without any improvement; that was all I knew of treatments which I considered “alternative”. How thankful I am to have overcome my skepticism and called your office! My initial consultation with Ashley gave me more information and optimism than I have had in years. The whole team approach made sense, treating the entire body rather than one area at a time….and all in one facility! The exercise and stretching regime which Jackie and Will provide, and have trained me to perform at home, has been more beneficial than any physical therapies I have yet encountered. I love the relief provided by Dr. Nia’s confident adjustments to my spine and neck. The natural injections provided by Dr. Millin, Ashla and Julie are offering me relief while not putting more harmful corticosteroids into my system. This entire team is fantastic, and I love the fact that all are working together, communicating openly with me and with each other about my condition and how best to proceed. The positive outlook all of you express has made a huge difference in my progress, just as your willingness to answer my questions and educate me about my issues has been so very helpful; Dr. Don has been a great resource in this respect. I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism which all of you bring to work each day. My gratitude extends to Kristie and Patty, who have been unfailingly helpful and accommodating with my scheduling and insurance issues. Having just had my sixteenth treatment at Atlanta Innovative Healthcare, I am thrilled to say I have substituted my 3x/day Vicodan/Voltaren regimen for a periodic Alleve. I am able to sleep through the night. Although I still suffer some pain and discomfort, I feel able to manage it and overall feel better than I have in years……and my treatment is not finished! With your help and guidance, I look forward to continued improvement and years of good health.”

Debbie H