My Atlanta Innovative Medicine team is the best.

“I received news letters from Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) for a couple of years and after seeing Doctor after Doctor to get relief for the Pain in my body I decided to call THC for an Appointment. A Treatment plan was put together for me. We start with my Knees, After walking 10 steps I would be in so much Pain, I would need to sit because of Discomfort. On March 30th I began Treatment of the Knees and I must say that as of today I am Happy to tell anyone that my Treatment plan is working. Mobility is back and pain is rare. I am hitting the Chattahoochee National Park and putting in ( 4 ) miles walking daily. My story does not end Here and I am Looking forward to sharing more as my Treatment continue. If you are in Pain Don’t Suffer as I did, I am sure my Care Team has a Treatment plan for you. Atlanta Innovative Medicine Team are The Best. ”

Felton Williams