No more depression, no more pain meds, almost no more pain, and no more cane!

“In 2003 I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.which is Systemic Lupus (inflammation of connective tissue),Rheumatoid Arthritis(inflammation of the joints),and Polymyositis(inflammation of the muscles. Also bilateral Carplel Tunal syndrome.This meant for me head to toe pain for many years.many Doctor,many meds many side effects and more meds and a side of depression and meds for that. Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) news letters came in my mail fairly often never read them.But this past June2015 I began to lose body function.I could barely walk.thought l’d be in a wheel chair by Dec.I read the news letter and made an appointment that day.Omg from day one Kristy the office manager was kind and funny she put me at ease.the evaluation and x-rays with Dr Donn who would give me excellent chiropractic care as well as mental health care by really listening was awesome. Ashley explained The x-rays and insurance info really well.The physical Therapist Arsenio and Will were very knowlegable,skillful in treatment , care and instruction they were a lot of fun.Last but not Dr Millin very up beat administered and explained my natural knee injections and my trigger point injection reatively pain free.I call him my anything is possible Doctor.if I think something is happening for a particular reason he will consider a lab or a diagnostic test to get my answer.what a team I had .So how have I been changed? It’s November and no more depression, no more pain meds, almost no more pain, no more cane and in December instead of a wheel chair I’M going on a CRIUSE!!!!!😄”

Barbara Walker