“After just 4 visits to Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) in Sandy Springs, I am feeling so much better. I was rear ended by a Semi Truck on September 13, 2012. The injuries I incurred were a herniated disc(s), sciatica nerve injury and my right leg was pushed into my hip. the pain was excruciating I went to 4 Orthopedic Surgeons/Specialist for several Epidurals, steroid injections in my spine and my right leg. The pain ceased briefly but to no avail the pain returned. I was given the option to have surgery on my back but I saw two ladies after they had the back surgery and they were in severe pain. I decided to live with the pain until I could decide what other treatments were available to me. I saw the commercial on TV for the Laser Spine surgery but I really did not want to have surgery on my back. My sister, who is a mail carrier in Gwinnett County told me she went to Atlanta Innovative Medicine to get natural injections on her knees. She told me the pain went away and has not returned and it has been several years and she is still pain free as of today. After a year and a half, I just could not deal with the pain any longer. So I decided to go to Atlanta Innovative Medicine for injections in my back and right leg. After only 4 visit, the pain has subsided tremendously. Dr. Nia, Dr. Millin, Julie, Will and Jackie have done an awesome job to make me feel, “SO MUCH BETTER.” Kristie and Ashley were very nice and professional. Ashley was very thorough in explaining the treatments I would receive and what my insurance would cover. Kudos to the staff at Atlanta Innovative Medicine at Sandy Springs.”

Michael F.