Thank you Atlanta Innovative Medicine!

“Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) gave me an alternative treatment option for a cyst in my left foot, which was scheduled for surgery with a podiatrist in Feb. 2013. The recovery time for surgery on my foot was going to be extensive with limited mobility and time missed from work. Also the foot problem had me limping around for about 6 weeks, which gave me back pain from not walking correctly. I had already heard of Atlanta Innovative Medicine from a newspaper that I had gotten in the mail. I contacted AIM and scheduled a consultation taking my MRI and the information from the podiatrist, to see what could be done, to keep from having any surgery to remove the cyst from the bottom of my foot. I am happy to report, that AIM step up a schedule of treatments/physical therapy/message which eliminated the cyst, and got my back muscles back in shape so I can walk correctly, continue to do my own landscaping around my home, and walk my dogs pain free. I had 30 visits from Feb. 2013 – May 2013 with the team at Sandy Springs where they used Sarapin injections for the foot and my back along with the physical therapy/message/adjustments. It was definitely worth the time and effort to treat the problem without surgery! I was treated professionally, courteously, and cheerfully every time I visited the Sandy Springs clinic. Thank you Atlanta Innovative Medicine, I highly recommend y’all to my friends!!”

Vonnie B.