Thank you so much for everything!!

“January 25, 2014 was a horrible day for me. I got into a car accident that was so bad I totaled a 2012 car. The stress and impact of the accident not only had me mentally drained but physically drained as well. I was having bad headaches to the point I would come to work with tears in my eyes every day but wasn’t crying. I had back soreness which was much worse after the accident but experienced every now and then due to the curve in my back and lifting trays at work. I thought all this was just due to the amount of stress I was under and kept telling mu self things would get better. It did not! It was then a co-worker told me I should probably go see a chiropractor. Walking into Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) of Sandy Springs I only expected to maybe relieve some soreness in my back, to still walk out with headaches, to still always have back problems because there’s nothing that can be possibly done knowing that every day I was going back to work to lift trays. Knowing that Scoliosis was something that I had since I was little and thinking that it will always give me problems. But I was wrong!! Between the chiropractor, physical therapy (and I hate to say this… the shot! I felt better than I have felt since I can remember. Headaches were gone, back soreness started to literally disappear. Each member of the staff paid attention to what the problem was, got to the problem areas, and fixed the problem while keeping the best attitudes. They laughed, smiled and got to know every patient that was there. Greeting patients by name maybe something simple but goes a long way. Thank you so much for everything!!”

Allysha H.