The journey to wellness begins!

“One morning in February of 2013 I got out of bed and could not take two steps forward without collapsing back into bed. I tried again and the same thing happened. Did I mention the pain? I couldn’t tell if it felt like a huge toothache of a giant sized cramp generating from the left side of my body. The pain was horrific …. I could not sit or stand. Getting out of bed was another matter. My best effort was “breathe slowly and hope for the best”. I could not imagine life with this kind of pain…..So I scheduled an appointment with a well known medical center in March. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and sciatica. I was placed on a steroid pack which did not do a lot for the pain and then went for physical therapy which only helped a little. I received dry trigger point therapy (similar to acupuncture) and heat treatment. That therapy lasted for eight visits. I still felt limited in what I could do and the pain and discomfort continued for a few more months. My trip to England and the British Isles was just around the corner and I had to do something about the pain that was becoming debilitating. The answer….Ibuprofen! I still needed real relief and surgery was not an option. One day I was on my Nook reader and began to read an article in Prevention magazine about sciatica. It was suggested that ginger tea was something that could help with the discomfort. You know I had to try it…I did for quite some time. Did it help/ Maybe! But then the MOST amazing thing happened, I picked up the newest copy of Best self magazine. I’ve been reading it for at least two years. So I began to read and came across an ad that got my attention…. sciatic nerve relief. You would know that I put off calling, but finally made that call in late December. The journey to wellness begins! My first visit was January 6, 2014 and was pleased to meet a really great staff and doctors. With the injections, adjustments and physical therapy on the first day, I must say I felt pretty good. Each day comes with diminished discomfort. I no longer struggle with getting up in the mornings. The back pain is almost non-existent which kept me from wanting to move around in the bed. In addition, my range of motion has greatly improved without a lot of the discomfort. I now feel empowered to do what is necessary to lean forward to greater health. My teams of health care professionals are fantastic and understanding in the care they provide. Not a session goes by without their reassurance that the discomfort will definitely improve. Indeed it has and I am grateful for that. Thank you Will, Jackie, and Dr. Donn. You are very skillful in what you do. Thank you Dr. Millin and Julie… you give great care with injections. Thank you Dr. Nia, I am now convinced of the benefits of chiropractic care. Thank you Kristie, Ashley, Patti and Connie for your attention in making sure I have what is needed. Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) for me is really a place of HAPPY!!”

Sharon F.