They create a great environment for healing.

“I worked through the lower back pain for 20 years. “No pain no gain” was my mantra. I was out to get that magazine worthy ‘hard body’. Yes I went to a ‘very well known’ Orthopaedic group for my lower back pain on several occasions throughout those twenty years. I never got the impression that they cared very much. They’d take a look at the x-rays, tell me I had compression in my L5 and send away with a prescription for pain medication that I wouldn’t fill. I don’t like taking medications. In August of 2014 my lower back pain landed me in the emergency room. The pain had wrapped around both hips, gone into my abdomen and shot through my glutes. My abs could not pull me up into a sitting position and I could barely walk. I am only 51. I needed some serious help. I had received the flyers for Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) for several years, read through many ‘success stories’ and thought ‘right that looks too good to be true’. But, I had nothing to lose so I made that important first appointment. Now, I have my own Success Story. First and very importantly I was put through a series of measured mobility tests and x-rays from multiple angles (not just two pictures like the other group). From these tests the physicians, therapists and caseworker at Atlanta Innovative Medicine determined that my spine was basically too straight. The curvature in my lower back and my neck was not as pronounced as it should be thus causing excess pressure and compression in my L5 and in the vertebrae in my neck. Atlanta Innovative Medicine developed a treatment unique to my issues and pain levels. The treatment was geared to give me some immediate pain relief through injections of naturally derived plant based pain killers/inflammation reducers. While giving me long term pain relief through Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy which broke up the calcifications, put some of the curvature back in my neck and lower back and gave me more mobility and less pain. It was good to learn why my back hurt so much. The knowledge that my spine is too straight will allow me to modify my workouts and other activities to help prevent further injury. The treatments have worked. I am not pain free yet, but, I am about 85% there and it is so good to know that there are treatments other than pain pills that work. As a bonus the doctors, physical therapists and staff know me. They are friendly, funny and easy to talk to. Atlanta Innovative Medicine helps you to help yourself. Doctor Millan even went to the parking lot with me to show me how to adjust my car seat to reduce the pressure on my back and legs. They create a great environment for healing. Atlanta Innovative Medicine works with your insurance company to make the cost almost pain free which certainly contributes positively to the healing process. It is refreshing to get care from a doctor group whose first goal is to heal, rather than make money! And the Physical Therapists, William and Arseneo, give great massages!!”

Brandi O