They have truly done an awesome job!

“I heard about Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) through a health newspaper. I started my treatment at the beginning of February of 2014. I was having shoulder and knee pain. The pain was so sharp that it hurt to move and I had to wear braces. I went to different doctors both in and out of the country but they either gave medicine to take like muscle relaxers or pain relievers. They also suggested to have surgery done in these areas. The medicine helped but after it wore off the pain came back and I was too scared to have surgery. So when I heard about Atlanta Innovative Medicine, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. At first, when I heard I was going to get shots as part of my treatment, I was scared and got nervous because I am terrified of shots. But after a couple of treatments I got used to them. Yes, they still hurt but not as much as they did at the beginning. In the few weeks of starting the treatment, I stopped feeling those sharp pains in my shoulder and my migraines have gotten less. I have now been with Atlanta Innovative Medicine for about a month now and have seen great results. There is still some pain I have to deal with from time to time but with the help of the trigger point specialist, physical therapist, and the chiropractors, I have been able to stop wearing my braces for longer time periods and the pain has diminished to a great deal. I still go in 3 times a week but I with the help of Atlanta Innovative Medicine I can see myself make a full recovery. I am very pleased in choosing Atlanta Innovative Medicine as my health care facility for my shoulders and knees. They have truly done an awesome job. I have no complaints about them. They are very professional, have great hours, friendly and really care about you getting better.”

Judith L.