This place and these people are the best.

“This place, these people are the best. I’ve been suffering from degenerative disc disease for ten years. I went to your typical MD to address my pain several years back and they were no help at all. They suggested I get a lift for one of my shoes and sent me to a physical therapy clinic that was not helpful in attitude or instruction. I saw an ad about Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) with a testimonial from someone else experiencing DDD. I decided it was worth a try. The staff is kind, friendly, knowledgable and attentive. The combination of disciplines, chiropractic, homeopathic, and physical therapy, has restored my mobility to levels I’ve not experienced in years. I have such confidence and hope now that if I continue to follow their recommendations, I will be able to maintain, if not improve upon the progress I have made. I still have pain, with my condition that is somewhat inevitable, but SOOO much less! Thanks AIM!”

David Dean