You really have given me a better quality of life.

“I have had lower back pain and sciatic nerve discomfort for over 15-18 years. I had grown accustom to it and felt that it was simply a part of life. I had no idea that I could live pain free. I used to take up to 800 mg of Naproxen, 4000 mg of Tylenol, or 2500 mg of Ibuprofen to relieve the pain. Every so often, I would stop self medicating and have to just suffer through the pain and discomfort. Everyone just kept prescribing medication, but no one would ever explain how to get rid of the pain. For people who suffer from sciatica and back pain, we learn to endure it and keep on going. It becomes a way of life and you just have to deal with it. You avoid situations that could “trigger” them. I actually gave up trying to figure it out; it appeared that I would just live the rest of my life with the discomfort. About two years ago, I started to pursue my Masters degrees online, which required me to spend long hours sitting at the computer doing research. I shifted endlessly to the left and then the right, got up, wiggled my legs, stretched my legs, anything to get relief, but nothing really helped. Even lying in bed stretched out, there were days when I could find no resolution. When I moved to Atlanta, I mentioned it to my doctor and he said before looking into surgery see a chiropractor. Upon taking his advice I found Doctor Mercente and the team here at Atlanta Innovative Medicine (formerly Total HealthCare) in Roswell. For the FIRST time in my life someone told me the source of my discomfort, the resolution and what would happen if I continued to neglect my back. Though I’d had several primary care health professionals in care of my well being, no one has ever really offered a solution. Immediately after I started being treated, my headaches, neck aches, back pain, and sciatica discomfort were reduced. Within the first two weeks, instead of waking up with headaches and neck stiffness, I awaken without headaches. Within the first month, I felt that I had a new body. Though on my feet all day in the classroom, I felt pain free by the end of the day. To people who don’t suffer from sciatica and don’t understand the pain and discomfort from the tingling and numbness in the feet and toes, it is hard to explain just how discouraging the relentless pain can be and how much sleep it robs you of, effectively disrupting your entire day, thus diminishing your quality of life. It has been 3 months since I started treatment, my headaches, lower back pain, neck pain continue to reduce and my sleep is more restful resulting in my energy level is unbelievable. I was sure that the only solution was surgery, but thanks to Dr. Mercente and the Atlanta Innovative Medicine Team, I didn’t have to undergo any such treatment. I can’t thank Dr. Mercente and Atlanta Innovative Medicine of Roswell enough. Your warm friendly and familial atmosphere made me feel welcome and genuinely cared about. You really have given me a better quality of life. My life would not have been the same without you.”

Mckenzie T.