AIM Welcomes Jessica Caspar, APRN

AIM Welcomes Jessica Caspar, APRN

By Farhan Malik, MD
Atlanta Innovative Medicine

AIM is thrilled to welcome Jessica Caspar to our team of professional healers.

Dr. Jessica Caspar

Jessica Caspar joined us in November of 2022 as an Advanced Practice Nurse and Lead Clinician for AIM Aesthetics. Although she joined us just last year, Jessica has already improved the lives of numerous patients, and she continues to strengthen our team with her expertise and positive personality.

Motivated to heal patients through natural treatments rather than surgical and pharmaceutical bandaids, Jessica works in coordination with medical director Dr. Farhan Malik, and the AIM team, to expertly perform regenerative joint and spine procedures. In addition to AIM Aesthetics, she is the lead practitioner for our ED and Hair Restoration procedures.

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Jessica Caspar received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kennesaw State University and her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama. She brings over six years of experience, and she is one of only a few providers in the Atlanta area who is certified to administer the P-Shot procedure.

Committed to helping each and every patient get better, Jessica has become known among patients for her sincere dedication and gentle approach to care.

We’re excited to have Jessica as part of our Atlanta Innovative Medicine team!

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