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Physical Therapy Center & Pain Specialists in Atlanta, GA

Patients of all ages can benefit from physical therapy in Atlanta to manage pain, restore range of motion, and prevent and recover from injuries.  

At Atlanta Innovative Medicine (AIM), you will work with our team of skilled physical therapy specialists to identify and treat the underlying causes of your pain and loss of function. 

Physical therapy allows your body to operate at its full potential. Our therapists use the latest techniques and methods to provide you with superior care and impressive results.

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What Is Physical Therapy in Atlanta, GA?

Physical therapy is a medical treatment used to restore functional movement, both correctively and preventively. Our physical therapy treatments focus on improving strength, function, and mobility for those suffering from an injury or chronic condition.

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The interventions used in physical therapy are designed to reduce discomfort and restore range of motion. Physical therapists are licensed and trained in research-backed methods that improve function through targeted exercises and other techniques that strengthen muscles, restore balance, and help prevent new injuries.  

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What Can Our Physical Therapy Center in Atlanta Do for You?

Physical therapy is often the first recommendation made by primary care physicians for patients with pain or loss of movement. Since physical therapy takes a conservative approach to pain management and restoring mobility, it’s an essential tool to help patients take control of their health.  

In many cases, a customized pain therapy treatment plan can resolve certain medical concerns without surgery. It can also reduce or eliminate the need for medication. 

The following are some of the most common concerns addressed by our physical therapy department.  

1. Atlanta Physical Therapy for Joint Pain                 

Physical therapy employs therapeutic exercises, techniques that include soft tissue and joint mobilization, and treatments that include electrical stimulation to reduce pain and restore muscle and joint performance.

These interventions can reduce joint pain and prevent its recurrence by rehabilitating and strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints.

2. Physical Therapy to Improve Mobility and Range of Motion                                                               

Mobility concerns can affect patients of all ages. Muscle weakness, chronic conditions, or injuries can cause difficulty standing, walking, running, or engaging in everyday movements. 

The strategic muscle stretching and strengthening exercises used in physical therapy can restore your stability and range of motion. In addition, physical therapists have the skills to identify the proper assistive devices a patient requires, such as crutches or a cane, and fit the device to the patient. 

The personalized treatment plan developed during physical therapy determines the movements and activities that will maintain or improve a patient’s quality of life. Then, the therapist works to help the patient perform them safely and without pain. 

3. Atlanta Physical Therapy to Avoid Surgery                 

When a personalized physical therapy program alleviates pain and facilitates healing, patients can avoid surgery and reduce health care costs and downtime.

Even in cases where surgery remains necessary, patients who commit to physical therapy before their operations are generally stronger and in better health, resulting in a faster recovery. Similarly, postsurgical physical therapy helps patients restore function more quickly and with fewer limitations.

4. Sports Injury Physical Therapy in Atlanta                 

Many athletes can feel a difference in their bodies before damage occurs, such as stiffness in the calf before an Achilles tendon tear. At AIM, you can find an Atlanta physiotherapist for sports injuries who understands the challenges of particular sports and the risks they pose for specific injuries.

During an initial exam, our physicians will discuss your sports injury and assess your muscle strength and weakness to determine the best course of action for your recovery. 

In addition, our Atlanta sports injury therapists will create an exercise program to prevent common injuries or work with patients to develop the strength and stability needed to return to their preferred sport safely.

5. Physical Therapy to Treat and Prevent Obesity                 

Obesity or excess body fat can increase a patient’s risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, depression, and some cancers. It can also reduce a patient’s ability to perform physical activities.                   
Our physiotherapist in Atlanta treats pain and movement concerns that limit physical activity. We also help patients with obesity to safely develop exercise routines and improve their physical and mental health.

6. Physical Therapy to Reduce Medication Needs                  

Studies show that early pain intervention through physical therapy can reduce opioid dependence for patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Based on this research, patients can either eliminate the need for opioids or significantly reduce the amount needed to manage pain.

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What to Expect from Physical Therapy

When you choose an Atlanta physical therapist for injuries, chronic conditions, or loss of functional movement, the initial appointment will be an in-depth discussion and evaluation of your current state, your previous and current level of mobility, and how your condition affects your life. Our physiotherapists precisely measure any impairments you’re experiencing. These measurements may include:
  • Strength tests
  • Range of motion measurements
  • Palpation
  • Functional mobility measurements
  • Balance evaluations
Then, we’ll use these results and the outcome of any other screening tests to develop a custom treatment plan designed to restore your health, performance, and mobility.  If you would like to know if you’re a good candidate for this treatment call 770.416.9995.

Why Patients Choose Our Atlanta Physical Therapy Center for Body Pain

Atlanta Innovative Medicine’s extensive team works with patients to create long-term solutions to manage pain and injuries.  We don’t believe in stopgap, temporary treatments that only mask or minimize symptoms. Instead, our collaborative team works with you to determine the root cause of your concerns and create a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate your pain and restore function.  As a comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain and sports medicine clinic, we may also recommend additional specialized treatments, such as trigger point injections or chiropractic care to facilitate your rehabilitation.  Every team member is highly trained and recommended by past and current patients. We prioritize continuing education to stay current on the latest techniques and methods to reduce pain and improve mobility.  AIM is passionate about empowering patients to resume the activities they enjoy and live without chronic pain. We work to connect with our patients and form relationships that are based on trust and collaboration to reach our common goal: your best pain-free health. call 770.416.9995 now to book your free consultation with our knowledgeable team of specialists.

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