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Back pain is extremely difficult to cope with. For many people, overcoming debilitating pain can involve pills and steroid or cortisone injections. These options should be the absolute last resort, because these medications have the potential to cause long-term complications.

Helping people get real results
When we treat our patients, we strive to not only suppress the pain, but to eliminate the root of the pain by correcting the malaligned structures, improving the health of the joints and strengthening the ligaments.

We strive to help our patients overcome their back and spine pain symptoms as quickly as possible. We achieve this by offering comprehensive and trusted medical services that help pinpoint the cause of the pain and eliminate it through effective treatment plans. If you are in need of back pain treatment, please contact us today and speak with a trusted physician from our staff.

Treatment spotlight: Sarapin

Sarapin is a natural medicine used to treat chronic pain. It is an alternative to cortisone. While many doctors are unfamiliar with Sarapin and its advantages, we have an extensive understanding of how it can be used for chronic pain relief.

Benefits of Sarapin:

  • Treats chronic back pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Does not affect other nerve or motor functions
  • Is not affected by heat or cold
  • Does not lead to any known side effects

Constant back and spine pain is more than an inconvenience. We welcome the chance to help you find the cause of your pain and determine the treatment that will most effectively and efficiently provide you with relief.

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