The Evolution of Prolozone Therapy™ for Joint and Back Pain Treatment

The Evolution of Prolozone Therapy™ for Joint and Back Pain Treatment

By Farhan Malik, MD
Atlanta Innovative Medicine

As the dogged search for more conservative and effective orthopedic treatment persists, regenerative medicine continues to prove itself a promising solution. Innovative clinicians are leveraging the mounting research on injection therapies to reveal an even greater potential for treating joint and back pain through integrative pathways. 

One such integrative treatment is Prolozone Therapy™, a technique developed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger that draws on the principles of three different injection therapies to maximize regeneration and treat chronic pain.

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What Is Prolozone Therapy?

Integrating the concepts of neural therapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy, Prolozone Therapy involves targeted injections of dextrose, procaine, vitamins, minerals, and ozone to stimulate a multidirectional healing response in the body.

By inducing proliferation and maximizing the healing power of oxygen, Prolozone Therapy can stimulate the regeneration of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, nerve, and bone, making it an effective treatment for a wide range of musculo-skeletal and joint issues, including chronic neck and back pain, arthritic knees, and degenerated discs.

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How Prolozone Therapy Optimizes Injection Therapy Results

Prolozone therapy taps into the synergistic potential of its three “component therapies” by:

By integrating these therapies into one self-enhancing treatment, the Prolozone Therapy technique enables clinicians to both relieve and treat joint and back pain for exceptional, lasting results.

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The Science of Prolotherapy & Its Role in Prolozone Therapy

Prolotherapy involves injecting a small amount of an irritant solution into the damaged area to promote the growth of healthy cells and tissues. The most commonly used irritant solution is dextrose, which acts by dehydrating cells at the injection site, causing mild, localized tissue trauma, and attracting immune cells and growth factors that can differentiate into the notoriously hard-to-repair ligaments, tendons, and cartilage of the joints.

For this reason, prolotherapy injection has shown particularly strong success in treating knee osteoarthritis—both in the short term and the long term: In this 52-week randomized controlled study, patients showed significant functional improvements throughout treatment and at a 2.5-year follow-up.

Because dextrose injections work by inducing controlled swelling in order to trigger the body’s healing response, prolotherapy on its own can exacerbate pain surrounding treatment. This is one of the reasons prolotherapy is usually combined with other therapies—and what makes Prolozone Therapy such a well-rounded treatment:

Prolozone Therapy combines dextrose with local anesthetics, which alleviate the patient’s pain, and ozone, which helps to further control the swelling without diminishing the body’s healing response.

The Science of Ozone therapy & Its Role in Prolozone Therapy

Ozone injections work by introducing ozone, a highly active form of oxygen, into the targeted area of treatment. When ozone is injected, it initiates a cascade of biological reactions in the body.

Ozone stimulates the release of growth factors which help promote the growth of new blood vessels and stimulate the production of collagen, a crucial component for tissue strength and elasticity.

Additionally, ozone injections have been shown to possess potent anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to alleviate pain, as well as support the healing process. When it comes to Prolozone Therapy, this anti-inflammatory effect helps to control the temporary dextrose-induced swelling, without inhibiting the body’s regenerative response to it.

Moreover, ozone injections can improve oxygen utilization and enhance cellular metabolism, the conversion of nutrients into energy that fuels tissue repair.

These qualities make ozone a powerful integration into treatments for treating back pain. In this double-blinded controlled study, significant improvements in both pain and function were reported by 65 patients who received ozone therapy injections to treat their low back and leg pain caused by a herniated lumbar disc.

Another important element of ozone in Prolozone Therapy is its administration as a gas: unlike liquid injections that tend to pool in the injected area, this gaseous component expands and disseminates beyond the injury—making Prolozone Therapy a particularly beneficial treatment for pain in joints that are hard-to-reach, like the knee.

The Science of Neural Therapy and Its Role in Prolozone Therapy

Neural therapy involves the injection of local anesthetics, such as procaine, to instate temporary neural blockage and restore the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms, promoting healing and pain relief.

In the context of Prolozone Therapy, the integration of local anesthetics not only provides patients with a more comfortable injection experience, but it improves the body’s active response to the injection as a whole.

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Treating Joint and Back Pain with Prolozone Therapy at Atlanta Innovative Medicine

At Atlanta Innovative Medicine, we are proud to contribute to the advancement of regenerative medicine, which includes providing our patients the remarkable results of Prolozone Therapy for joint and back pain.

Our team of highly trained specialists draw on their extensive experience in Prolozone Therapy and related regenerative therapies to provide personalized assessments and tailored treatment plans. When you choose our Atlanta therapy injection clinic, you can expect exceptional care and expertise throughout your care.

Prior to your treatment session at our clinic, our specialists will perform a thorough physical assessment to determine if Prolozone Therapy is suitable for your condition—both ensuring that you receive the most effective treatment possible and enabling us to customize a treatment plan specific to your needs.

The actual treatment session typically lasts less than an hour and requires no recovery time. Depending on the severity of condition and overall health, patients typically need between one and five treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.

If you’re ready to consider Prolozone Therapy, schedule a consultation to learn if you might be a good candidate: 770.416.9995

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